Friday, April 6, 2012

Window World

Just to clarify, these window sashes are not from "Window World."

The Blacksmith Shed is in no way a vinyl palace.

Rather the post title is meant to be a reflection of the current, all consuming task of window work.  We've managed to complete about 3.5 of the 6 total windows.  I plan on trying to finish the .5 part this weekend with the installation of a missing window weight and a stick of casing.  I've attached some pictures to show the progress.  These four pairs of window sashes were dug up from Jay's collection of salvaged building parts.  We are going to have to look elsewhere to find the last two pairs as we've exhausted his stash.  Nonetheless, the Blacksmith Shed is looking better every little step along the way!

Bunk Room - getting ready for some windows.

One Sash...

Two Sash...

Three Sash...

Three point five sash...Notice the sash rope flapping in the breeze.  I'm installing the missing window weight and casing this weekend.

Prettiest girl at the dance.

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