Friday, July 20, 2012

Stairs to the Reading Room

Soon after the entry way to the main part of the Blacksmith Shed had begun to look so nice, it quickly became imperative that we also make it accessible.  Like many project items on the Blacksmith Shed, there was much consternation over the "right" approach to, well, the approach.  Various entry stair options were discussed and after examining a range of factors, a front runner was crowned.  And while a set of stairs built out of old railroad ties was thought to be practical, contextually compatible, and readily available, an unknown termite infestation forced us to move in a different direction.  The result was a set of stairs made out of salvaged pine timbers that we had saved from a past job.  Although they are not creosote-soaked like the railroad ties, we have taken some weather-proofing measures as described below. The finished product has an understated effect that upon closer examination reveals a surprising level of craftsmanship; much like the overall impression the Blacksmith Shed imparts on visitor.

I loaded up the stock material and took it to the home front for millwork and assembly.

Stair tread... why not bevel the edges?

Parts and pieces accumulating... ready for assembly soon.

Epoxy coating the underside of the stair assembly.  Butt joints are all glued with PL glue.

Stringers, supports, and risers assembled.

Stairs assembled... ready for sealer and install.

Four coats of weather sealer applied to assembled stairs.

Finished product... except for the exterior bluestone patio and walkway extension.

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed as hell. That is an awesome project. Maybe I'll get to see it in person one of these days.