Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall update!

Well this should be short, but an update is long overdue. Blog posts have slowed this fall, but just because actual work at the shed has been rolling. It has been forever since I have posted, so I figured that I would let you all know we are still here! The boys are preparing for the first hunting season with the shed as a hunting cabin and they could not be happier. A few casual hunts have occured at Flintshire since bow season is upon us, but the boys are hosting the shed's grand opening with an intimate hunt mid-November. I am sure we will post plenty of blog posts before then to catch you up to speed. Since Andy's doors were installed in the last post, a lot of progress has been made. I'll leave the details for a future post, but just to intice you to keep a eye on the blog I will let you know some outside improvements have been made as well as some interior decorating. (note the old Ducks Unlimited goose print in picture) A lot of wives have generously donated their husbands outdoorsy artwork for the shed, which has made the cabin very nice. I personally was pumped to clear out the random deer pictures from the basement.  The most recent decisions have surrounded the bunks, which should be ready to go this week in anticipation of the men's slumber party in November. The blacksmith shed has also been the site for a lovely family photo shoot since obviously it is Andy's favorite place. Thanks to our friend Barbara for the above picture and putting up with our shenanigans during the shoot. Happy hunting and we will update everyone soon!

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