Friday, March 16, 2012

Project History. Post 1 of 3.

I find it hard to believe, but apparently not everyone watched the full ten minutes of the Hudson Video that was posted last week.   For those out there dealing with spotty internet connectivity resulting in poor video streaming, I’m submitting a three part post to get you caught up to date on the origins of the Blacksmith Shed project.  Here’s the first:
Documenting the start of the Blacksmith Shed restoration entails going back a few years.  Jay and Gordo were the original visionaries of the project.   The idea of a post-hunt shelter dedicated to the sharing of libations and stories seemed enticing to both and work commenced.  Repairs to siding, flooring, sills, and the installation of the interior hearth all took place.  During this phase of restoration, Byrd was introduced to the catalyst theory  (future blog post).  He embraced it whole-heartedly and participated as well.  All three brothers saw the uniqueness that this particular building presented; a structure that had sheltered generations of both farm hand and family in their stewardship of the land.  JoJo used the forge area as a workshop and recalls when the blacksmith actually lived in the blacksmith shed.  Over the years, the structure has served as both a home and a workplace. It’s been used for storage and as a deer stand.  It’s stood watch over countless cycles of soil preparation, plantings, and harvests.   Although time has passed since the first big push, chatter about the potential for greatness has never dwindled.

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  1. dont worry i watched all 10 minutes, nice use of acadian driftwood there