Monday, March 19, 2012

Upstairs Door Installed!

We had a pretty big weekend this past weekend.  Installing the bunk room door took longer than expected but I think it turned out well in the end.  Jay and Byrd helped with the install - which was handy since it was on the second floor.  There is some talk about adding an ipe (the wood species used as the inlay on the interior of the dutch door) bar sill on the inside of the door.  This would provide a place to set a glass of ice cold lemonade while you had the top half of the door open.  I will update with any developments on this front and they occur.

Byrd cleaning out the corners of the hinge mortises.
Byrd checking the hinge fit.
Making some final tune ups.  Door hung.
Door still needs casing - but she's in.
Hardware installed.  This bottom section will remain locked most of the time.
Scroll surface bolt on the upper door is what keeps this part of the door in place.  There is bulb weatherstripping between the two door sections where they meet - making for a snug and weather-tight fit.  This type of weatherstripping is installed using a slot cutter and by pressing the bulb into the created groove.

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