Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Forgotten Siding Pictures

Sorry the siding documentation posts are a little out of order but I had forgotten about some of these pictures until I came across them today.  These are pictures of the siding during the deconstruction phase.  The Blacksmith Shed looks so different now so it is pretty cool to take a look back.  Enjoy.

The top courses of siding were left on till the last minute to protect the cellulose insulation that we had blown into the bunkroom attic.

Excellent picture of downbracing as well as the newly installed door with its heart pine threshold.


Shadows in the run-in room.

Close up of the door to the back field.

The finished siding!

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  1. The Bunk House looks awesome! The new sidings stand out, even from afar! Did you choose it yourself?Staying here would probably feel like you’ve gone back to the old gold prospector days, when life was simple, without electricity, the internet, or television.