Monday, June 4, 2012

Wood Stove Restoration 2

I just realized after reading my “Wood Stove Restoration 1” piece that I may have overused exclamation points in my description.  I apologize for the outpouring of enthusiasm but the fact is that wood stoves excite me.  The idea of standing next to a warm, crackling fire inside while it’s cold/windy/rainy outside seems topnotch; especially after returning from an evening hunt. 
The wood stove that I am currently restoring is going to go into the reading room as I stated in the prior post.  It will be interesting to see how both stoves add to the spaces in which they are being used; they are vastly different in many ways.  It’s the hope that the big double-banger barrel stove that is located in the run-in area will do the bulk of the heating for the run-in area as well as for the bunk room.  The bunk room floor vents will hopefully assist in facilitating this process. 
The reading room is a one story add-on to the original Blacksmith Shed structure that now contains the only access to the bunk room.  This access is a small set of stairs.  I doubt that the reading room woodstove will heat the bunk room.  It should, however, provide a comfortable ambiance if one decides to retreat from the late night fatuities of the run-in area but wants to chill out for a bit prior to hitting the sack.  Perhaps this room will become a place to enjoy a tall glass of bourbon and a few passages from a good book.  It’s also been suggested that this room would be a good location to keep a hunting journal/guest log.  However it works out, we are hoping that both stoves will share the commonality of being functional once I get this one reinstalled.  Here are some pics of the paintwork on the reading room woodstove: 

I took the stove down to as many parts and pieces as I could without going crazy.  The first few pieces closest to the camera lens have the final coat of paint while the ones farther back just have the rust converter applied.

This is the main body of the reading room woodstove.  I have applied the rust converter and am allowing it to dry in the sunlight.

This picture is of the painted body of the woodstove.  The piece to the left of the stove is the thimble which will replace the existing one which is broken.  This is the piece that receives the stove pipe on one side and is mortared into the chimney on the other.

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