Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wood Stove Restoration 3

I took the reading room woodstove out to the Blacksmith Shed and reassembled it.  It had been in the shop for repairs and paintwork.  It looks awfully nice now that it is back in place and sporting a new paint job.  We still need to install the thimble into the chimney and work out the stove pipe from the stove to the thimble.  I imagine that we will put an in-line damper in this section of stove pipe as well;  this thimble is actually higher up the chimney than the one for the big stove in the run-in area.  The shed is really starting to come together and it will be exciting to get this little project wrapped up.  What follows are pictures of the reassembled stove:

All the refurbished parts back on site.

We got all the legs back on including the one with the repair.

The reading room woodstove is all put together now - ready for stove pipe and a fire!

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