Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wood Stove Restoration 1

I just got started on restoring the woodstove that goes in the reading room of the Blacksmith Shed.  This woodstove belongs to Gordo and was used by him when he was used to guide hunts at a nearby hunting peserve.  The stove will work great as a space heater for the reading room and there is already a stone hearth in place to set it on.  As a bonus, this stove has two cook hatches!  This stove actually may end up being a better cookstove than the beast that we have in the run-in portion of the Shed. 

One of the legs was broke on the stove but fortunately we were able to find both pieces on site.  I got a friend to make the repair so after a little elbow grease and paint the woodstove should be good as new!  Here are a few pics of the start of the restoration process:

Here's the woodstove stripped down from most of its parts and pieces.  It apparenly served as a home to a family of mice during years of nonuse at the blacksmith shed.

I'm hitting the parts and pieces with a wire brush and sand paper to prep for rust conversion and paint.  I'll wipe everything down with acetone prior to applying the rust converter.

Here you can see the stove leg that had to be repaired.

This piece is labeled "HOT when in use."  Good information.

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